Preparing for a Family Session at Elevado Photography

How exciting! You've made the decision to get family photos taken! I am SO thrilled to have the opportunity to be your photographer. When you book a family session with Elevado Photography, I want you to know first off that this isn't just a session--it's an entire memory-filled experience! So much fun and laughter is in store for you and your cherished ones. Keep reading on to find out how you can best prepare yourself for a family photo session with me!

S T E P O N E : R E L A X

No, seriously, relax!

It's the most important thing you'll do for yourself and your family! Too often, families become anxious or stressed out thinking about making sure their photos are perfect. Sometimes, family members feel frustrated too, thinking family photos are an inconvenience or a waste of a day off. All of this comes through in pictures, so please, relax!! With some photographers, session day can be miserable, but with me, it's the furthest thing from the truth! I don't just take your pictures, but I take care of all the session stress and headaches for you, working with you every step of the way, so you and the family can actually enjoy yourselves!

I am going to meet with you pre-session to go over your needs, goals, and vision for your family photos. I don't leave you to do the guesswork; we plan everything together. Any session accommodations you need made, I make them. Any apprehensions you have, I help put at ease. Don't stress it, we got this!

The actual session is around 1 hour of genuine interaction with your family. I won't force you into stiff poses and tell you to "say cheese!" (so painful, uuuugggghhh). We play, we laugh, we talk, we spend quality time together. That is what makes family so beautiful and unique. This time flies by, and when you finally get to see your photos, you'll smile knowing real memories were made.


How you look will play a big part in how much you love your photos!

As superficial as coordinating outfits may sound to some, it can have a massive effect on the outcome of your photos.

For starters, depending on what you wear, clothing may make you uncomfortable. If you're a t-shirt and jeans type of person, and you find yourself wearing an itchy wool sweater, button-down shirt, and slacks that you haven't put on in 3 years, chances are you may look good, but you won't feel that good. And when you're uncomfortable, it's going to show in many of your photos.

That being said, make sure that what you wear to your photoshoot with me is as comfortable as it is confidence-boosting!

Additionally, you want to aim for colors, patterns, and prints that don't detract too much from the faces and interactions taking place in each photo. Graphics and large logos will also be distractors. When you look at your photos, you want your eyes to immediately focus on the subjects first, not on what they're wearing. I also need to add, neon and other vibrant colors are a lot of fun, but in certain lighting, can reflect onto your or a family member's face!

Aim for muted tones, and avoid dressing every family member in the same color or outfit.

If these few tips still aren't enough to make you feel confident you can coordinate the outfits for the session, I offer style/wardrobe guidance, which is a service included in your session fee! I will help you and your family pull off the look that makes you all feel and look great, thus laying a foundation for really awesome photos!


You know exactly what I mean!

As a family, you don't need me to tell you that pretty much any outing requires (at least) a little bit of pre-planning. Whether you have one child or six, there's always snacks and beverages that need to be made, diapers and wipes to pack along, blankets, jackets, pacifiers, toys, books--the list goes on! I won't tell you what you must do, because only you know best how to get your family out of the house and into the car without (too many) problems. ;)

I will, though, offer a general, loving reminder checklist below, so that on the day of the session, you can double-check that everybody's ready to go and have a good time getting family photos taken!

  • snacks and beverages are brought along (milk, water, juice, formula, breastmilk, etc)
  • diapers are changed and bathroom breaks are taken before getting in the car
  • medications have been taken (ie: if you have pollen/grass allergies, take your allergy pills before doing an outdoor session!)
  • comforting materials are packed (their books, loveys, pacifiers, blankets, stuffed animals, toys, etc)
  • bribes (candy, stickers, etc) (I can pick up the bribes for you! Just let me know what is best for your children)
  • wet wipes/baby wipes for sticky, dirty hands and faces
  • any outfit changes for the session are packed along


These three tips are the three major tenets of a good family session experience. I will also do everything possible to accommodate your family so that all of you have the best time with me, just let me know what you need! As always, I am thrilled to have the chance to serve you!