Making sure your session is perfect

Do you have a Milwaukee boudoir session coming up? I am so excited for you! A boudoir session is an amazing experience that every woman deserves to have at least once in their lives! Whether this is your very first session or you've had a few under your belt (ha!), it's always good to take mental stock of tips to make sure your session is a smash. Read on to get some ideas on how to make sure your Milwaukee boudoir session is absolutely fantastic from start to finish!

A Milwaukee boudoir photographer smiles at the camera and poses in her studio while holding her Nikon camera

have parking plans (and backup plans)

When it comes to Milwaukee, parking is a crapshoot. One day it can be a breeze to find a nearby parking spot, and then the next, NOTHING. When you come to do a Milwaukee boudoir session with me, I provide you with parking locations nearby the studio for your convenience. However, it never hurts to create your own backup plan in case the parking area you have in mind is filled up the day of. Being prepared with other backup parking spots will help make sure finding a new spot to park won't take additional minutes away from your session time!

consider the makeup look you'd like

Your big day is dedicated to YOU! Everything my team and I do, is catered to what makes you happy. That includes makeup! Some clients understandably assume they don't have a say on how their makeup will look when they sit for the makeup artist. I'm here to let you know that you definitely do!

That being said, it's always a good idea to look at different makeup styles somewhere like Pinterest, to get some inspiration for the look you'd like to have at your session. Full glam? Soft, natural look? A sultry smoky eye? So many gorgeous options to choose from!

Got your period? no problem.

It's not uncommon at all. Ironically, while a lot of us track our periods, sometimes our uteruses somehow track when we have our boudoir session--and reschedules accordingly [cue eyeroll, because SERIOUSLY]. Whether you anticipated it or it came on out of nowhere, I've got you! Lots of my clients end up on their periods at the same time their session is scheduled, and are able to proceed without a hiccup. I offer different flow tampons and wet wipes in the studio for your convenience, and I will never pose you in ways that make any back or stomach pain worse.

All I ask of you is to ensure you're wearing a tampon/cup (not a pad) before you arrive to the studio, and if you get cramps or headaches with your period, to take your tylenol/ibuprofen/etc ahead of your session. Your comfort matters most!

Think about what you'll bring along

While my client closet is BURSTING at the seams, that doesn't mean you *have* to exclusively use it. You are always, always, always welcome to bring outfits from home! Do you have your wedding veil you'd like to incorporate for your session? Or your partner's favorite shirt? What about your favorite sports jersey, or a lingerie piece you own that never fails to make you feel amazing when you wear it? By all means, bring it! I love making sure anything that's special to you is featured in your photos!

A Wisconsin woman wears her husband's favorite shirt at her boudoir photoshoot

Wearing something special to your partner (especially if you're gifting your images to them) can be such a sweet surprise! In this case, it was client's husband's favorite shirt ;)

protect your skin!

You'll likely be showing a lot more of it than usual in your boudoir photos! If it's summer or you plan to vacation somewhere sunny and hot less than 2 weeks before your session date, I strongly recommend that you wear sunscreen with enough SPF to protect your skin from getting sunburned. A small patch here or there is no biggie, but when it comes to larger areas of your body that get sunburned, that can mean a lot of discomfort for you.

Additionally, sunburn that is peeling/bleeding is very, very time intensive to edit out (additional fees will apply for this amount of editing), and there are no guarantees it can be edited out entirely, depending on how bad it is. The same editing fees will apply to remove large-area tan lines. So please hold off on wearing any clothes out in the sun that are going to create large, weird-looking tan lines that you don't want in your pics. I want you to love your photos, so please protect your skin!

Still have questions?

That is absolutely okay! Reach out to me anytime via email, or, come and join our VIP Facebook Group to connect with me and lots of previous clients! Join the group HERE!

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